Is The Katie Couric Thing a Major Step for the Internet? (Probably not.)

The Context Of Things

So the basic story is: Katie Couric, uber-respected female newswoman (I think that’s something at least a good handful of people believe), gets her own show (Katie) with ABC. Less than three years into that, uber-profiled female CEO Marissa Mayer woos her and gets her to join Yahoo! in early 2014. Here’s the official post from Mayer.

Before we get into this too deeply, here’s one thing to remember: the connection between ABC productions and Yahoo! is pretty deep; Good Morning America, which is ABC’s morning show, is tied directly to Yahoo! News. I don’t know the specifics of her contract or anything, but I’m sure that, if the situation calls for it (televised special/big story), Couric might appear on the ABC TV side. All I’m saying is, it could happen.

The easiest way to explain this move is that Yahoo! (from now on, I’m going to…

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