Pancake day. When will i learn?

Pancake day is the same… every bloody year.

Spend an hour Googling ‘how to make pancakes’ even though there are essentially just 3 ingredients and it probably hadn’t changed from last year.

Run headlong into the rest of south London  buying the last of the eggs, flour and milk  and have to go to 3 different shops to buy each of the the ingredients.

Decide that even though we’ve spent the last month completely ‘off’ sugar,  buying a large tub of Nutella is an excellent idea.

Work myself into a frenzy and double the recipe quantities.

Make a couple fat cakey disgusting waffle things before acknowledging that I actually require just one fifth of that amount of batter mix.

Compile and consume a single obligatory savory pancake then knock out (and basically inhale) 4 fat Nutella stuffed monsters in quick succession.

Realise that there is at least a gallon of batter mix left (because I doubled the quantities) and  while everyone else retires to the sofa, I spend the next hour frying up the rest of it occasionally sobbing… when will it end, there’s just SO MUCH of it.

Eat three more Nutella filled pancakes before realising quite how utterly sick I actually feel and retreat to the sofa to lie very still.  Sweating sugar bullets.

Ignore washing up.

Lie awake for 4 hours in bed enduring sugar induced palpitations.

Every bloody year.