If Pokémon Go was narrated by Sir David Attenborough…

Confession: I am heavily into Pokemon Go.

I *may* even have selected my route into work to collect optimum Pokemon balls this morning.

And I’m experiencing  a wave of #pokemonshame as a result – it’s not something a woman in her late 30’s should really be obsessing about, right?

This brilliant David Attenborough narrated video somehow makes it feel a bit more acceptable, however…

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Grab a copy of the Evening Standard and take a selfie with the Queen… #TBT

On the 9th September 2015, Queen Elizabeth II made history by becoming Britain’s longest reigning monarch –  to celebrate this momentous occasion, I built a unique editorial partnership between the Evening Standard news team and those clever Mobile/AR/IOT people, Blippar.

Across the week, Evening Standard readers were able to use Blippar to access bespoke editorial features online as part of the newspaper’s coverage.

They were also able to take a selfie with the Queen herself… I hope that doesn’t count as Treason? #treatnottreason

It was a lot of fun!

We delivered some brilliantly engaging results…

The campaign provided Evening Standard readers with over 17,000 minutes of
innovative digital engagement,  11k interactions,  1.6m impressions and 2.3 minutes of engagement per users.

Social media activity contributed significantly to brand awareness, generating
over 750,000 impressions and 53,000 active social engagements

And we learnt a lot.

There is strong demand for interactive content
• The paper generated over 2,000 interactions in the first day alone
• Encourage repeat engagement through a steady stream of updated content

Call-to-action (CTA) proximity is essential
• There was an 80% decline in engagement when CTA was on the page before the article
• Eliminate all steps between education and action; place CTA on the marker

Social media promotion is key to sustained engagement
• Leverage on the campaign’s viral “wow” factor to gain new readership via social media


Proximity of the CTA’s next to the marker is critical




The AR experience offered users 4 options to interact

Queen AR
Scanning a banknote!


PR image
Press Release







SHOVE IT, WINTER (8 Amazing Getaways For Architecture Buffs)

SHOVE IT, WINTER (8 Amazing Getaways For Architecture Buffs)

Each time today that I inadvertently glance out of the window today, I feast my eyes on this for a moment to restore my sanity levels


This planned community in Florida was carefully crafted by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company to be easily traversed by foot or bike. With architecture inspired by Bermuda, Antigua, and Guatemala, and overseen by a pair of official town architects, there’s plenty to admire in this luxury escape destination. Vacation home rental? Yes, please.



I’ve seen quite a few of these before but I love them all… so much so I almost don’t want to share them.

Up up, down down, left, right, left, right, b, a

My favourite is the YouTube one –  a game of missile command can be launched by clicking to the right of a video and typing “1980” on your keyboard’s number pad.  Thank you  Dave Lee


YouTube missiles egg

Is The Katie Couric Thing a Major Step for the Internet? (Probably not.)

The Context Of Things

So the basic story is: Katie Couric, uber-respected female newswoman (I think that’s something at least a good handful of people believe), gets her own show (Katie) with ABC. Less than three years into that, uber-profiled female CEO Marissa Mayer woos her and gets her to join Yahoo! in early 2014. Here’s the official post from Mayer.

Before we get into this too deeply, here’s one thing to remember: the connection between ABC productions and Yahoo! is pretty deep; Good Morning America, which is ABC’s morning show, is tied directly to Yahoo! News. I don’t know the specifics of her contract or anything, but I’m sure that, if the situation calls for it (televised special/big story), Couric might appear on the ABC TV side. All I’m saying is, it could happen.

The easiest way to explain this move is that Yahoo! (from now on, I’m going to…

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